When Disaster strike, are you ready?

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"How to Survive Disaster step by step Guide".

In Florida, Katrina Disaster (I just can't bolive it!) - over 2,000 Dead and how many homeless? After years...

Earthquake in Asia - over 45,000 Dead

Tsunami - over 80,000 Dead and on and on...

Why so many?

Some of them did not have to dye, but they did and some of them did not, because they make some preparations before happen...


It can be mighty difficult for any family when disaster strikes. You provide for them to the best of your ability.

And they appreciate it.

But what if the disaster strike again... ? Are you ready?

Title: How To Survive Disaster, Step by Step Guide
Author: Robert J. Wilkowski
Format: Paper Bag
Size: 8 1/2" X 5 1/2", 88 pages
only $5.00 including S&H
Make sure every member of your family knows the procedure "How To... Practice at least once per month. It may save your life.

No one likes to think about "what if". What ever happen, they will, should and need to be protected. Are they? You do NOT know, until that moment arrives.

Do You know the moment?

Usually, when disaster strikes, usually happen to "the other guy" ...when suddenly and without warning, bad news comes knocking at your door or windows. It's no fun scrambling to find professional help when you need it most. Before something happen!!!

First the panic sets in...

"What do I do?". What I need to take with me? Who do I call? How I get out of here? How can I stop this from happening? Where to run? What should I say? What shouldn't I say. How do I protect myself and my family from THIS?!" At any cost. It could be to late.

Now imagine...
To start, you need read about readiness, what you can do and prepare your self. Train your self and your family. To be better prepare, get the "
How to Survive Disaster step by step Guide" book before it happen! Maybe I can help you. Help you to be more save and keep you in the safe zone. Buy "Disaster.." book. Why? To prepare your self before something happen. You will know what to do.

And while you're getting the protection you need, you get the chance to learn how to be more happier person and how to do it.

After all, your own family counts on you for security, happiness and peace of mind. For your sake, and theirs, this is perhaps one of the most responsible moves you could ever hope to do. The "
Disaster.." book.

YES, with this unique "
Disaster.." book, you are getting several steps a head from the others and you make affordable protection moves, that in this day and age, people need and should do. What is Readiness?

Learn more about this exceptional book."
How to Survive Disaster step by step Guide" on our website, today.

Here is how to order.
This Book is the ONE POWERFUL SOLUTION to help you protect your self and keeping a wide umbrella of protection, over your entire family. "
Disaster.." book, may save your live. Order now.

If humans were breed as a food source, the FDA would ban human flesh from consumption and ban it as a fertilizer, because of a hazardous level of toxins and heavy metals..
Tips For Disaster
Now, we know that disaster can happen
without warning or with short notice, why we do
not prepare for it? We should. There are many
things you can do to get ready. These are some of
the most important:

....get in shape and maintain in good
health. You may need strength to pull
yourself from a bad situation
....expect the unexpected. Think what will
happen if... Even when you are on vacation,
when you relax and take it easy, you can still
be exposed to danger. You can loose your
wallet, someone may steal your car, or you
can get sick from food poisoning.
....keep your vehicle in good mechanical
condition at all times. Check the oil, cooling
fluid and pay attention to the breaks.
....keep your vehicle fueled. Store 20 gal.
of gas per vehicle. Carry 1-2 gallons of gas in
your car at all times. Carrying an extra quart
of oil as well is not a bad idea.
Just in case:
....make an evacuation plan for your family
Make sure every member of your family
knows the procedure. Practice at least once
per month. It may save your life.
....maintain a supply of water and food. Not
just in your home, but also have extra food and
water in your car. Pack a bag with enough supplies
for at least one day for each family member. Do
the same for every vehicle you own.
....have a portable, short wave radio, CB radio
and scanner, ready to go. Also, be sure to learn
how to operate it. Learn now, to be better
prepared, later.
....have emergency cooking equipment.
Camping equipment can be ideal for this. Whatever
you would need to camp in the woods for a week (in some cases, only good water, will be boil water).
Try going camping, it is a good experience to have (specially for kids, they will love you for it).
Notice, if you are missing any supplies, that would
make it easier to get things done. If you need
something, buy it right away.
....flashlight and batteries. 5 sets of batteries
for each flashlight, one flashlight for every person
plus one extra flashlight.
....maps and flares. Maps for a 300 mile
square area and 5 flares per person. They are
great for starting a fire, even when everything is
wet. Also, you may need it to protect yourself from
animals and you can use it to call for help.
....pack up your Emergency Bag.
Do not wait.
Order "Disaster" Book
Disaster and Disaster's Victims to be
Introduction..... Disaster Preparedness..... Tips for any disaster..... Natural Disasters...... Hurricanes...... Tornadoes..... Mudflows and Landslides...... Flood Water...... Volcanoes....... Earthquakes........Tsunamis....... Man Make Disasters....... War...... Hazardous Materials...... Health...... First Aid Kit...... Medical Supplies And Devices...... Water...... Food....... Shelter.......Light...... Heat..... Clothing...... Disaster Preparation......The Emergency Bag ..... Safety And Security
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