Stress and How to get Happiness

Healthy Choice, Stress out and be Happier
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You may ask, how to manage to stay involved and remain seemingly happy and adjusted to this awful world where the efforts of caring people in comparison to those who have power? It's easy.

First: don't let "those, who have power" intimidate you. No matter how much power they have they cannot prevent you from living your life, speaking your mind, thinking independently, having relationships with people as you like. (Read Emma Goldman's autobiography "Living My Life"). Harassed, even imprisoned by authority, she insisted on living her life, speaking out, however she felt like.)
Second: find people to be with who have your values, your commitments, but who also have a sense of humor. That combination is a necessity!
Third: understand that the major media will not tell you of all the acts of resistance taking place every day in the society, the strikes, the protests, the individual acts of courage in the face of authority. Look around (and you will certainly find it) for the evidence of these unreported acts. And for the little you find, extrapolate from that and assume there must be a thousand times as much as what you've found.
Fourth: Note that throughout history people have felt powerless before authority, but that at certain times these powerless people, by organizing, acting, risking, persisting, have created enough power to change the world around them, even if a little. That is the history of the labor movement, of the women's movement, of the anti-Vietnam war movement, the disable persons' movement, the movement of Black people in the South.
Fifth: Remember, that those who have power, and who seem invulnerable are in fact quite vulnerable, that their power depends on the obedience of others, and when those others begin withholding that obedience, begin defying authority, that power at the top turns out to be very fragile. Generals become powerless when their soldiers refuse to fight, industrialists become powerless when their workers leave their jobs or occupy the factories.
Sixth: When we forget the fragility of that power in the top we become astounded when it crumbles in the face of rebellion. We have had many such surprises in our time, both in the United States and in other countries.
Seventh: Don't look for a moment of total triumph. See it as an ongoing struggle, with victories and defeats, but in the long run the consciousness of people growing. So you need patience, persistence, and need to understand that even when you don't "win," there is fun and fulfillment in the fact that you have been involved, with other good people,in something worthwhile.

Eight:Think about this: The United States, most powerful country on this Earth, spend billion on war and you do not have (or you can't afford) health insurance!!! Think about this!!!.

War is: when old used up young.
How To Be Happy

Our biggest enemy is stress.
It does not matter where you live. If you investigate the possible options, analyze your
surroundings and people you are in contact with, you can avoid many environmental and personal disasters. Every day we make about 300 decisions, what to do or not to do. At home, at work, on the street and in the car. When we walk, talk or when we are in the sleep, we make decisions, which change or alter our lives and those of other people. In most cases we don't analyze deeply, what will happen to us or to others. We make a decision, because we want something from life, without taking responsibility for our actions. Why? Maybe, because we are always rushing. Maybe if we sit down and talk
to other people and our family members, maybe then we could realize, that some of
the disasters is our own doing. Designed by us and executed by us. Without any body's help.
How to have a happier live:
· Return everything you borrow · Stop blaming other people · Listen more; talk less
· Strive for excellence, not perfection ·Donate blood ·Don’t make excuses
· Know when to say something · Know when to keep your mouth shut
· Don’t criticize anyone for 24 hours ·Admit it when you make a mistake
· Don’t sweat the small stuff · Let someone cut ahead of you in line
· Reread a favorite book pursuit of spiritual development
· Be kind to kind people · Be even kinder to unkind people
· Take time to be alone · Cultivate good manners
· Give all the clothes you haven't worn in the last three years to charity
· Every day do something nice and try not to get caught
· Every day take a 30-minute walk in your neighborhood · Be on time
· Understand and accept that life isn't always fair · Be humble
· Skip two meal a week and give the money to the homeless · Don’t argue
· Do not accept gifts that would in any way attach or obligate you to the giver
· Non-violence in every sense of the word; causing or intending no harm in thought,
word and deed
· Truthfulness; a habit so deeply embedded that no falsity can exist in the mind
· Learn from the past, plan for the future, and live in the present
· Stay a way from people who do not keep there promise
And I wish you the best.

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